Skype - maintaining our connection with the Vargas Family

There's of course lot's more to tell about our experience in the DR, but I'm going to take a quick shift here, from the people and place at large, to our new friends, Luis, Reina, Jason, and Dilson. Meet the Vargas'.

Emily and I were a little skeptical when we first went on the trip as to why we were only spending three of the seven days we were in the DR doing the construction related work. We quickly discovered that it was because more than anything, this trip was about the opportunity for our church community to visit with a family that we support down there. The Vargas family. Luis is pastor to the church in La Mosca, which I believe we've mentioned, and will provide more detail on in future posts. In any case, Emily and I quickly fell in love with the Vargas family. It's pretty hard not to, honestly. Anyway, over the course of the trip, it became clear to us how important it is to Luis and his family to stay in frequent contact with our church. We wanted to make sure we encourage and support Luis as much as possible, ESPECIALLY in the looooong 12 month period between our visits! Enter skype. This is our second monthly skype sessions with Luis and (hopefully, some of...) his family. I can't tell you how excited I am. If you live in the Boston area, and you're free tonight, I'm telling you this is probably one of the best ways you could spend your evening - getting to know one of the best men I know.

If you're interested in coming, we're meeting at 6:15, and it'll probably go to 7:15 or 7:30. We're meeting at the Reunion Christian Church (our church) offices @ 30 Fenway, Unit 1, Boston 02215. Hope to see you there!

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