A few updates...

Hi Everyone -

So we have these pages with information, but I've been asked about the dates of the trip... apparently we didn't put that on there!

We leave in about 3 weeks on June 29th, and we'll return on July 6th. So if you plan on praying over our trip - that would be your ideal window :-). Also, if you're planning to support our work there financially, that means that making donations in the next week or two would be best. Again, the site to do that is HERE. We know, it's not the most convenient site to use, but it's definitely secure!

One other thing that we wanted to inform you of was our church's website devoted to this trip. This has been a recurring trip for them, so they might have a little more detail on things. Also, they have pictures from years past, which might help you to see what kind of stuff we'll be doing down there (though I'm pretty sure it varies from year to year depending on the need). Anyway, the site is reunioninthedr.com.

Three weeks to go!