Emily's Bake Sale!
To place an order for any one of these delicious treats, email Emily (or Brett) at emilygracenichols@gmail.com (or brett.nichols@gmail.com). For those of you not in the greater Boston area, orders can be shipped for whatever date you want!

Traditional: Grandmommy Wildman’s Brownies (8” tray) $25
Get a piece of history with these award-winning brownies. Specifically, these brownies won “Best in Show” at the Warren County Fair when made by an 8-year old Emily (with pigtails). Just imagine how much better they are now!

Specify: with or without walnuts.

Homey: Oatmeal-maple-pecan-cream pies (One dozen) $35
A little taste of Vermont rounds out the treat selections. Enjoy a creamy, maple-enhanced filling slathered between two chewy, nutty oatmeal cookies. Best served with a side of ice-cold milk. Not to be missed.


Chex Mix Tin $30
Need a little something to spice up your next gathering? Check out this tried-and-true mix of Chex, pretzels and peanuts – always a crowd-pleaser. You might think you know how to make good Chex Mix, but once you’ve had this recipe (stolen from my mom) …you’ll never go back!

Specify: regular or cajun. Both are quite flavorful!


Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies (8” tray) $40
If regular brownies just aren’t enough for you, in this crazy recipe I take the award-winning recipe from above, and mix in…not nuts, marshmallows or chocolate chips, but an ENTIRE batch of chocolate chip cookie dough. And cover it all with chocolate ganache. Two grave warnings accompany these treats 1) 5-pound minimum weight gain per pan; and 2) regular brownies will never be enough again. Sad but true.