As of our last skype conversation with the Vargas family, here's what's going on in the DR!

  • In La Mosca, Luis asks that we continue to pray for the issues of violence in the area. Gangs have formed in the area, and gun violence has broken out. Luis told us last time that a child was shot and killed only a few days earlier. Please pray for the violence to subside and for the safety of all those living in La Mosca. 
  • In good news Luis told us that for 3 or 4 households in the area that are unable to make it to church services, Luis goes to their home, and holds a sort of mini-service, that neighbors also attend. 
  • Luicito (Luis Jr.) is still struggling with a life away from God. Luis has said that his son is aware of where he stands with his faith, and doesn't like it. But he continues to put off any commitment to change, and live a lifestyle that Luis and Rena try to shelter Jason and Dilson from.
  • Luis and Rena have asked specifically for wisdom as parents. Yieson and Dilson are wonderful children, with kind hearts, but they live lives that are very counter cultural to the norm, and Luis and Rena are concerned that this is a temptation to them. Pray that they will remain close as a family that is open and honest with each other and what goes on in their lives.