Here you'll find a log of all the miles swum, biked, and run by Brett from April 1 through June 1. If you would consider pledging even a small amount per mile trained, you'd be supporting both Brett's training AND his and Emily's trip the Domincan this summer! To pledge, just email Brett at, and we'll go from there. Just remember that I estimate logging 1500-2000 miles between now and June 1, so while a dollar per mile would be AWESOME, it's probably more than you'd bargain for.... :-) I've included some pledge estimates below to help you decide how much support works for you.These estimates are not meant to limit you - by all means choose an amount between these markers - it's just meant to help you get an idea of what you're committing to.

$0.01 per mile ~ $15-$20
$0.02 per mile ~ $30-$40
$0.05 per mile ~ $75-$100
$0.10 per mile ~ $150-$200
$0.25 per mile ~ $375-$500
$0.50 per mile ~ $750-$1000

Thanks you for your support!