We’re going back to the DR this summer, to continue our support both in Hato del Yaque and La Mosca, and to see the Vargas family again! Supporting these communities has been a joy and a blessing to both of us this past year and one of the most meaningful things we’ve ever been part of. We wanted to give you the opportunity to share in our joy and take an interest in something we’re both very passionate about by supporting our trip, and bringing as many resources to these communities and to the Vargas’ as possible. Our trip will cost $1700 each. (Yikes! We know that sounds like a lot for one week, but includes more than just our travel, room and board, we’ve listed what’s included below.) We’ve outlined some of the ways you can support us and/or the people in the communities we’re going to serve. We also encourage you to continue to peruse our blog to get more background on the areas and on our reasons for going, and of course, if you have any questions, or would just like to hear more about the trip, please don’t hesitate to call or email!
Thank you for your support of all kinds!

Contact info:

Trip Expenses:

  • Airfare
  • Room & Board
  • "Fee" paid to G.O. Ministries - the missional organization that we partner with in the DR. This "Fee":
    • Helps to support the missionaries on site that live in the DR and Haiti year-round,
    • PRovides the means for the construction and support of feeding/community centers throughout the DR and Haiti.
    • It is also used to pay the nationals that work at these community centers which have created jobs as construction foremen, cooks, servers, pastors, and drivers.

Giving Opportunities:

Miles for La Mosca:
As most of you know, Brett is hoping to pursue a career as a professional triathlete. Keeping consistently motivated is always difficult, so he has been inspired to tie two of his passions together. Pledge as much as you want per mile of training that Brett logs between April 15st and June 15st, and Brett will contact you on June 15th to collect on your pledge. You’ll be able to check in on his mileage log HERE on a weekly basis. If you would like to pledge, keep in mind for calculation’s sake that during that period of time he plans on doing anywhere from 1500 to 2000 miles of swimming, biking, and running (combined)…

Emily’s baked goodness:
In the mood for some tasty treats? Pay generously for some humble yet delicious desserts, baked by the one, the only, chef Emily. Sure the prices are absurd, but just remember that 100% of the proceeds go to baking supplies, our travel, construction materials, craft supplies, medical supplies, and the ongoing mission work in both Hato del Yaque and La Mosca. Details for ordering are on the blog HERE.

Direct Financial Support:
Of course, if you think triathlons are for weirdos, and you’ve got no sweet tooth, you’re more than welcome to just send us whatever you’re willing and able to directly. It’s probably easiest to just send a check to us made out to Reunion Christian Church with “DR Trip” in the memo line, but you’re welcome to give online via our church’s giving page (not the most straightforward form of online giving…) HERE.

Material Donations:
This is a great option if you’ll be seeing us in the next few months. The people in both Hato del Yaque and La Mosca are always in need of summer clothing and shoes (particularly children’s clothing, but clothing for adults is welcome as well). Also, if you happen to be in the medical profession, and would like to donate some medical supplies to the clinic, please contact us to let us know. We have a pretty specific list that we’re trying to fill before we leave and anything you may have from that list would be immensely helpful!

Pray for our trip and the DR
Most importantly, we would love your prayer for our trip and the ongoing work in the DR. We’ll be putting updated requests on our blog HERE, so please come back and visit regularly!